Case Study: Tangerine Telecom



Increase in Google organic traffic 2016-2017


Increase in Google organic traffic 2019-2020


Increase in Google organic traffic 2018-2019


Tangerine Telecom
2015 - present

Tangerine Telecom is an Australian privately owned, multi-award-winning telecommunications company who proudly holds the title of being Australia’s fastest growing NBN provider.

Tangerine was a start-up company when they began working with us in 2016, and their main goals were to drive traffic and generate sales through their website as quickly as possible. By 2021 they were named Asia-Pacific region's 39th Fastest Growing Company in the 2021 Financial Times and Nikkei Asia High-Growth Companies list.


In the time we have been working with Tangerine Telecom they have seen the following results (nb. these are just a few of their successes):

  • 272% Google Organic Traffic growth year on year 2016-2017
  • 86% Google Organic Traffic growth year on year 2018-2019
  • 197% Google Organic Traffic growth year on year 2019-2020
  • Winner of three prestigious 2020 WhistleOut Awards


The challenges we faced were trying to obtain online visibility for a start-up company in a highly competitive market, which was dominated by big players who had well established brand recognition and customer loyalty.

This was also launching during the period where NBN was just starting to roll out nationally, and peoples’ general perceptions of Broadband were not great.


One of the keys to the success of this campaign was Armstrong Creative’s continuous one-on-one strategy/consultation sessions. Through ongoing consultation with Tangerine’s CEO’s, along with our research and strategic implementation, we were able to work closely with their developers to build and launch a new website and marketing campaign that was optimised for conversions and SEO. This strategy was effectively customised for both their initial launch and the relaunch two years later.

Part of this research involved identifying keyword ‘clusters’ with medium to low competition and developing content strategies to target them specifically. We also established high level conversion tracking on their website, which provided the in-depth data required to measure results and design solutions for continued content and UX improvements.

Our campaigns and consultation processes see us continually following relevant search trends and then developing new content accordingly. This strategy helps new customers in discovering Tangerine and its telecommunications products.

Our campaigns and consultation processes see us continually following relevant search trends and then creating new strategies accordingly.  The new content developed and the SEO implementation that follows is what drives the increase in Google traffic to the site, and this is also what helps new customers discover Tangerine and its telecommunications products.


With a background in ISP tech support in addition to our digital marketing experience it gave us the foundational knowledge required to understand the industry, the global telco market and benchmarking the competition. Hence our dedicated research, customised execution and consultation processes allowed us to build successful long-term solutions and strategies.

By investing in this kind of marketing, Tangerine Telecom saw a boost in their overall website sales of 39%. As an example of this investment, Google organic traffic increased 193% year on year between 2020 vs 2019, which equated to a 278% increase in revenue for Tangerine via Google organic traffic.

Tangerine Telecom

I have worked with Armstrong Creative for a number of years and they manage our SEO and digital ad strategy. Over the years Armstrong Creative has put a great deal of effort into understanding our industry and uses their insights to improve our web presence both on Google but through other online channels. Armstrong Creative has a lot of knowledge in the SEO space and can manage social campaigns as well.

Richard Branson, Tangerine Telecom
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